So the NES gun will not work in MAME, right?

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Posted by Johnny the MAME'r on 5, 2001 at 8:21 AM:

In Reply to: Re: NES Zapper Light Gun discoveries...part 2! posted by Reg on 4, 2001 at 11:19 PM:

Since the emulated games will not be able to turn the screen black (exept for the white target), then this type of gun will not work without writing a lot of code for each gun game. Do I have this right?

: more info from news groups...


: exerpt from another news group post:
: <------------------------------------>
: Anyway, getting back to questions asked in this thread:

: A CRT projector will work with just about any light gun game.

: The key is that it uses a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). Basically,this means it works the same way as a normal TV as far as alight gun is concerned. LCD projectors and flatscreen displays will NOT typically work with light gun games.

: Most light guns depend upon the way a TV display is actually drawn in one spot at a time--the dot being displayed scans from left to right very fast line by line from top to bottom.

: The light gun itself merely has a light sensor "aimed" directly in front. By detecting the timing of the signals it receives, the game console can deduce where it's pointed. (Some calibration is required due to differences in time delays depending upon the exact TV or CRT projector used.)

: The NES light gun does NOT work this way. It's a uses a less sophisticated concept. Rather than keeping track of the split-second timing of when the gun detects light, the NES hardware merely detects whether or not there is a signal.
: When the trigger is pressed, it blanks the screen black except for a white square where the target is. If light is detected, you score a hit. If not, no hit. If there's more than one target, it will do this one target at a time. One side effect of this unsophisticated system is that you can use LCD displays and projectors. Another side effect is that you can always hit 100% of the time just by pointing the light gun at a light bulb.

: As for other consoles, the Saturn has The House of the Dead and Virtua Cop 1/2. The graphics are dated, but they're still fun and you'll pick them up really cheap if you can find them.
: Note that a lot of third party light guns work with both Saturn and Playstation.

: Most Playstation light gun games are unfortunately 1 player only, but Elemental Gearbolt is quite impressive. Elemental Gearbolt has a unique theme--it's set in a beautifal fantasy world where the two players are magical fairies. Be warned,
: though--the game is VERY DIFFICULT. We never made it past the second boss.

: Dreamcast The House of the Dead 2 is a good arcade port with excellent graphics and the same fast paced action as the first one. However, The Typing of the Dead--which is based on THotD2--is actually a superior game! It has more
: varied (and hilarious) action as well as more modes of play.

: Even though you asked about light gun games, there's no way I can mention THotD2 without recommending two DC keyboards and The Typing of the Dead over it.

: Isaac Kuo
: <------------------------------------>
: end of the exerpt

: : Hi,

: : I have done some test with a NES Zapper Light Gun tonight here are the preliminary results:

: : 1. here is the Pinout for NES gamepads:

: :

: : +----------> (purple)
: : | +-------> (blue)
: : | | +----> Power + 5V (white)
: : | | |
: : 5 +---------+ 7
: : | x x o \
: : | o o o o |
: : 4 +------------+ 1
: : | | | |
: : | | | +-> Ground (brown)
: : | | +----> Clock (NC)
: : | +-------> Latch (NC)
: : +----------> Data (NC)
: :

: : NC -> Not connected...

: :
: : The Zapper have a white wire to Pin 7 (+5V),
: : a brown wire to the Pin 1 (Ground), a blue wire that correspond to the Collector of a transistor (Pin 6), a purple wire (Pin 5).

: : When I test with a multimeter one the +5V and black wire of the multimeter on the blue wire, the power drop from +5v to 4.5V each time I point the gun to a TV and trigger the switch on the gun...

: : I have tried to cover the gun or point it to a light but the result seem to be achieved only when the gun is pointed to a TV!

: : I have a friend that have an oscilloscope so my goal is to test it out before Christmas...

: : 2. I have scanned both sided of the pcb board of the Zapper...

: : see at this URL:

: :

: :

: : Note the IC no is: Sharp IR 3T07A

: : let me kow please if some one make a discovery...

: : thanks
: : Reg

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