What's this page about?
(Or, oh no, not yet another arcade collectors page?)
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My primary hobby for some time now has been maintaining a web page dedicated to building genuine arcade controls to interface to a personal computer.  This will then give that missing "arcade" feeling when you're playing a game on said computer -- be it Doom, an emulator, or what-have-you.
This lead to a lot of information & fascination with collecting actual arcade machines.  Finally, I took the plunge and purchased two of them - Crystal Castles & Gyruss - that I used to play back in the old days :)  That quickly lead to obtaining a dual Vs.  Nintendo cabinet with Super Mario Brothers and Golf in it, and a non-working
single Vs. Nintendo machine.  Originally, the non-working machine was going to be for my computer-arcade project, but I keep looking at the mostly intact system, thinking, "You know, that won't be too hard to get running again . . ." 

There's a wealth of information on the web for the wanna-be collector -- originally I thought I might have something to add to that but almost anything I would put here would be redundant.  So, this page will mostly attempt to be a meta-page -- offering perhaps some useful information of its own, but primarily a central point for finding other sites of interest. 

This site is very much a work in progress.  If you have comments, please email me!