Re: not light gun, something more generic like a positional gun

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Posted by SirPoonga on February 13, 2002 at 01:07:39:

In Reply to: Police Trainer - Light gun ideas posted by Jayd177 on February 11, 2002 at 23:22:37:

Well, there are several problems with making a light gun for mame.
not all game used light guns. SO to make a light gun for mame you;d have to make a drive for that gun that mame can hook into to. That means you cana only use one brand which people won't like.

It would be easier (and I've been throwing this idea around) to make a positional gun driver for mame. A positional gun is the knd operation wolf and terminator used. These would be more generic.
A positional gun is just a fancy 2-axis analog joystick. You can tilt the gun up and downa nd twist it left and right. THAT'S why if you ever started term2 or opwolf in amme oyu have to "calibrate" the system gun. You'd have to do something like that with your own postional gun outside of mame. The coordinates would be saved in an ini file for mame to use. Then by the position of the fancy joystick you can determine where you are pointing.

Apparently URebel said there might be an issue with the joysticks deadzone and how mame uses it. I don't completely understand the idea behind that yet or if there is something one could do about it.

I'd gladly help out in making such a device. If anyone is in the Saint Pail area and wants to try it out....
I just haven't wokring in c++ for awhile so it would be a steep learning curve for me to learn DirectInput and how mame uses it.

You could easily make your own gun then.
A couple of ways. Either get a M$ sidwinder that twists and lock up the y axis.
Or make your own with two 5k pots and a plastic water gun. Just plug it into a game port. Not sure how macs, linux, or dos would handle it. BUT in windows you'd just set it up a a generic joystick.

Making it USB would be the ultimate thing to do which would take some driver writing.

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