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OZ-Stick review

Simon purchased an OZ-Stick and was happy enough with it to put up a review.  Thanks Simon!  Here it is in his words :)


I emailed the guy for details and he replied promptly verifying all the details and so forth. The joystick arrived within a week (Australia post took about 4 days) and cost $125 AUS. Paying COD was handy as there was no messing about with credit cards and so forth over the web. I was called three times, once to confirm the order and once to advise it was being shipped. About a fortnight after I got the stick I was called to check I was happy with it and all was going well.

I have used the stick with Win98 on my arcade box. It has a nice solid feel and despite some drunken friends going insane with it has stood up to a serious pounding. I play a lot of shooter games so the buttons get a good workout ;)

Installing it was dead easy as it is simply a joystick plug and you just configure it under joysticks in control panels and its ready to go. It is an 8 direction stick with 4 buttons. The only limitation I can see is that you still need a keyboard for all the other buttons, However as most games only use 2 buttons I have setup the other two buttons to do credits and player 1 start. I was told that a 2 joystick model is on its way and possibly a keyboard based controller as well. Also for any future purchases I have been asked for the size of case I would like so that it better fits my personal arcade box. While I can't speak for the guys personally it sounds like they are happy to customize for orders.

All in all I am damn happy with it. I'd happily recommend it to anyone, especially other Australians who have enormous shipping fees and a weak dollar if buying from overseas.

Cheers for the site too, without the site I would never have found this item of happiness.  (Aww... *blush* ... Thanks!  --- saint)



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