Roswell 88201's features:
The Cabinet
The Marquee
The Control Panels
Click me for a bigger view!Underneath the main panel
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The Interface
PowerRamp PC Joystick

The controls are converted into keystrokes by a circuit board pulled out of a PowerRamp PC joystick ($39.99 retail).  He chose the PowerRamp because it has 4 macro settings which memorize 4 completely different sets of keyboard configurations. This enables the machine to be used for MAME as well as standard computer games (e.g. Duke Nukem, Quake etc.) all at the flick of a switch.  Notice the use of quick connector blocks (available at Radio Shack among other places).  In case Craig ever has to do any re-wiring, all he'll need is a screwdriver, not a soldering iron.

The heart of the project

Coining Up
Inside the coin door
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One of the nice touches Craig included were microswitches inside the coin return slots.  As he put it:  "The first time people use the machine they read the instructions and get  up to the point when the game requires credits and say "now what?"  I tell them to touch the quarter slots.  It always get a great reaction."  A lot of people have been talking about doing exactly this in their own projects.

Inside the Cabinet
Inside the cabinet!


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