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Cabinet Plans

Here are step-by-step design instructions for building a cabinet from scratch.  Credit given where known - thanks for the work everyone!

Ultimate MAME Arcade Machine plans by Jeff McCain
PacMan Cocktail Cabinet plans by Kyle Lindstrom
Arcade Flashback  plans by LuSiD
Thorn's Mortal Kombat cabinet
Scott's Unicade
Massive MAME Project Plans (6 currently)
OscarControls Gotham cabinet
OscarControls Happy Hour Bartop MAME
MAMEROOM.COM -- commercial site
GameCabinet.Inc -- commercial site
Frostillicus' two part cabinet
The MAMEStation
MiniMAME -- Now a free download!
JelloSlug's Arcade (cocktail cabinet plans)
Taz's MAME Page (Showcase cabinet)
1Up's PacMAMEA


Jeff's Ultimate MAME Arcade Machine Plans
Preview Author Info
Jeff's Ultimate MAME Jeff McClain Jeff has a nicely done set of plans 3D-modeled, based loosely on LuSiD's plans (below).  Plans are in jpeg format.  Link goes to his web site.

Jeff's Ultimate MAME Arcade Machine


Kyle's PacMan Cocktail Plans
Preview Author Info
PacMan Cocktail Cabinet Kyle Lindstrom Kyle is a person with experience doing design work.  He had been looking for a cocktail cabinet to make a MAME machine out of.  Finding what he thought was the perfect design, he chose to document the cabinet, producing the most complete set of plans for a PacMan cocktail cabinet I've ever seen.
MS-Word instructions (zipped) (823 kb)
MS-Word diagrams (zipped) (626 kb)
(Both files needed)


LuSiD's Arcade Flashback Cabinet Plans
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LuSiD's Arcade Flashback LuSiD I am fairly certain that more cabinets have been designed with LuSiD's plans than any other.  As of this posting the plans are on revision 7.  They are in PDF format - link below goes to LuSiD's web site.  He also has templates used for his control panel available. :)

LuSiD's Arcade Flashback



Cabinet Dimensions

Thanks to the efforts of a lot of folks, dimensions of various arcade cabinets can be found here.

Q-Bert Contributor Info
Q-Bert dimensions menace Here's a rough q-bert--I've ommitted coin door and marquee--since they are fairly standard--If you absolutley HAVE to have everything ...(go buy one :)   j/k)

Centipede Contributor Info
Centipede Dimensions
Large image - click to view full sized.
Carsten Carlos
Carlos' Centipede Extended
Note: The drawing is only meant as a sketch and therefore not proportional. Please take a look at the regarding measures in the table below. Measurements were originally made in inches and everything in cm is exact calculated.
pos. cm inch   pos. cm inch
85,09 33.5   M 67,31 26.5
B 92,075 36.25   N 81,28 32
C 100,965 39.75   O 68,58 27
D 104,775 41.25   P 180,975 71.25
E 137,795 54.25   Q 64,135 25.25
F 158,75 62.5   R 7,62 3
G 175,895 69.25   S 76,2 30
H 68,58 27   T 73,66 29
I 142,24 56   U 13,97 5.5
J 70,485 27.75   V 31,75 12.5
K 61,595 24.25   W 60,325 23.75
L 80,01 31.5        
Marquee glass 60,5cm (60,325cm?) x 16,5cm  (23,75" x 6,5")
Not in table
Distance from side panel front back or top (not control panel) .125''
the control panel doesn't follow the side panel profile exactly. there is about .5'' between the top of the CP and the top of the cab side. Also the front of the panel is not straight in front like the side panel it about 1'' deeper at the top than at the bottom. Lastly the bottom of the control panel is a little sharper angle than side panel, it connects to the front panel higher than height A on the diagram. I think that distance was about 2''.

A big thankyou! to Larry Smith who made all these measurements for me.

Centipede Web site Info
See website Jakobud's opened a section on his web site with cad/pdf/jpg dimensions of arcade cabinets. First up, Centipede.  Visit his site for plans and details.



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