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Last Updated May 17, 1999

The three cocktail cabs I got for free. These came from an operator friend. Two of them had been outside for a while, but had some parts I wanted off of them, so I took them home anyway.

The inside of the first cab. This was an Omega Race, and it's in sad shape. I stripped it for what was good and threw the rest on the burn pile.

The is the coin door off of the first cab. I am cleaning this up for use in my MAME cab.

This is a side shot of the second cab, which is a Galaxian. This cab is in worse shape than the first, but has the control panels intact.

This is the inside of the Galaxian. As you can see, it's been outside for a while, and is full of leaves. Nothing inside, including the PCB, is any good.

Here's the player one control panel. I plan on removing the controls and the overlays, and cleaning the whole works. I'm sure a collector would like these :)

Player two control panel.

Here's the cab I decided to use for my MAME project. This also was an Omega Race, but is in much better shape than the other two. With the exception of the monitor, which was shattered, the game is intact.

A shot of the monitor chassis. The game boards are enclosed around the chassis inside the top.

A shot of the inside. The coin door was also missing.

Player 1 controls. I am using these panels and overlays, but I'm replacing the spinners with joysticks.

Player 2 controls.

I started off by removing any loose monitor parts, and picked all of the glass out of the chassis.

I removed the game boards, then started on the chassis.

Another view of the chassis removal.

After cutting out the wiring harness, I proceeded to remove the power supply.

Another view of the power supply removal.

Here's a pic of the game, sound, and video boards. I removed the ROMS so they could be read to see if they are another revision of the game.

At this writing, I have the entire cab gutted and cleaned. I pulled the old contact paper off of two of the sides and replaced it. I also put the top back together and attached it to the rest of the cab. I'll have pics of this up soon!