What a mess!

I guess I really stepped into it back around 2000/1 when one of the hobbyist, Robert Jordan, put up a "shortcut" link called "" to my site to make it easier for all to find it. Now some 5 or 6 years later he has moved away from the hobby & has either let the domain name expire or sold it. Maybe I lasted longer then he expected... longer then I planned to be here for sure. After many emails about this that seem like they will continue past my time, I brought myself out of the Stone Age and looked into the repercussions of this. I found busted links all over the world pointing to "" ... a fine mess that I can now see :-(

After months of wondering what to do about this I decided to register a couple domain names myself... which I should have done to start with. The following domain names are now mine & were the simplest solution I could come up with.

In doing it this way I thought it would make it easier for me to ask the favor of y'all of changing links you may have to my site by simply changing the .com to .net or .org.

The links above direct you to two copies of my site parked on different servers, so the chances of both being down at the same time are pretty slim.

Other ways to the site are; Located on Tony Berry's property. A mirror thanks to John St Clair & Jason Presnell. A window left open by Bellsouth upon migrating to Atlanta.

Commonly used links are also in the sig file of my emails, so any old correspondence from me should contain good links.

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