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Posted by dan on 9, 2001 at 11:37 PM:

I have questions on the default programmed keys that MAME uses for it's various functions:

1) first, when I fire up a game and hit TAB, I get a menu; option 1 is always "input - general" while the second is "input - this game". These 2 options specify what the various keys do. If I change a key in the "input - general" mode, does this change happen in every MAME game I have. I would assume so, though on the MAMEWORLD webpage on pc2jamma page, the following statement is made - "It's a pain to go through every single MAME game and remap the keys". This sounds like I have to reprogram every game one at a time??

2) the default keys mapped do not have any keys programmed for player 2's button 5 and 6, player 3's button4, 5, and 6, and any buttons what-so-ever for player 4. If I map these blank keys to an available key in the "input - general" mode, will all my MAME games use these newly mapped keys for those buttons?

3) I noticed in the "input - general" section that player 1's right/up key and player 3's up key are the same. I would assume then that if a 4 player game is being played, if player 3 moves up, then player 1 would also move up/right????? Why would MAME default the keys to do that??? How would I go fix this?? Why would MAME even program a separate key for up/right, up/left, down/right, and down/left since I believe these are the standard up/down/right/left programmed butttons just being pressed simultaneously.

4) again in the "input - general" section I am also able to map keys for AD STICK, DIAL, TRACK, PADDLE, PEDAL. What are these??? I assume TRACK is a trackball and PEDAL is a racing pedal.

5) on MAMEWORLD, it suggests to re-program the default MAME buttons 2 and 3 as they conflict with CALLUS? I believe Callus is another emulator? Why would someone need Callus if they already have Mame. Have any of you remapped the keys to suit Callus?

Lastly, and slightly off topic, but when downloading MAME games, I notice there are usually two files, one called a game rom and one called a parent rom. Are both required to play the game - why are there 2 files instead of just 1.

Thanks for any advice.

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